Your trusted bedbug treatment professionals

When you choose Bug Bakers you always deal directly with the owner. Bug Bakers specializes in the discrete thermal remediation of bed bugs from houses, apartments, dorm rooms, offices, and vehicles throughout Columbus, and Central Ohio.

Our bed bug heat treatment process is the most effective, safest, and quickest of any process available today because unlike other bed bug heat treatment companies, we us a combination of both heat and steam. Generally, most services can be completed within one day with only minor preparation on your part.

Since we use no harmful or dangerous pesticides during our process, it is a green technology making your home safe for children and pets. That’s because there will be no harmful pesticide residue left behind for you and your family to live with for weeks. We also offer the following services to make your bed bug issue less traumatic and stressful.

  • Nightwatch® Bedbug Detection
  • Pre-treatment site preparation
  • Storage containers for packing
  • Post-treatment cleanup
  • Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasements
  • Bed Bug Proof Box Spring Encasements
  • Furniture and Clutter Removal
  • Bed Bug Heater Rental
  • Vapamore® Steamer Sales and Rental
  • Many payment options

Safer and less expensive than chemicals

Bug Bakers’ 50,000 watt system uses much safer and less expensive 240 volt heaters. Unlike propane or other systems that blast huge volumes of unregulated heat and air to the entire area often causing damage to personal items and property, our system is thermostatically controlled. That means each area can be controlled individually for precise, even heat.

Our system also uses the same current found in most homes, yet delivers the same heat as dangerous and expensive 460 volt systems. And since there is no antifreeze involved, there is no chance of leakage within the property from the Hydronic systems some companies use.

We provide most of the electricity used to heat your home, saving you money on your electric bill during your treatment when compared to other systems.

And, we are discreet… our truck is unmarked and most people mistake our heaters for carpet cleaning equipment so your neighbors probably won’t know why we are there.