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Bed Bug Heater Rental in Central Ohio for Bed Bug Extermination

In Addition to Central Ohio’s Most Professional Pest Extermination and Heat Treatment Services, Bug Bakers™ Offers a Variety of Products to Professional Exterminators and Do-It-Yourself Customers including:


Bed bug heaters are a great option if you have a small one or two room infestation. Bug Bakers offers the most powerful bed bug heater on the market. Rental units have variable wattage settings of 6.25, 7.5, 8.75, or 10kw and are powered by the 220-volt outlet for your range or dryer. Available wattage will depend on the size of your circuit breaker. Average heat time to treat an infestation is about six-seven hours. Each rental is delivered and set up at your location and include:

Professional Bed Bug Heater Rentrals in Columbus Ohio
  • (1) Heater
  • (1) Air Mover Fan
  • (1) 50’ Extension Cord
  • (1) Plug Adapter
  • (1) Prep Sheet
  • 24 Hour Rental
  • Phone Support
  • Pick up of unit

Additional accessories are available at extra cost.
*Limited Service Area


When having a bed bug inspection always ask for proof of life before committing to treatment.

NightWatch® bed bug monitors are the most advanced and accurate way to confirm if you have bed bugs. These super high-tech monitors automatically start and run during the night attracting and trapping bed bugs by simulating the sleeping behavior of humans. Best of all, unlike dogs, these monitors will provide proof of life instead of just giving a signal like dogs are trained to do (which is often false). Bug Bakers offers sales, single monitor, and package rentals for up to seven days to fit every need including “Pre-Closing Multi-Monitor” rentals to ensure your home purchase is bedbug-free. If treatment is required a discount will be applied to any treatment price to offset a portion of the rental fee. We are proud to say these monitors have saved our customers thousands of dollars in unneeded bed bug treatment. Delivery and setup are included in every rental. CO2 tanks and refills are available as well.

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