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Biological Treatment to remove Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Meet Bug Bakers®

Bug Bakers® is the Ohio authority on Bed Bug Extermination! Bed bug extermination is all we do!


 Pioneers in Organic Bed Bug Treatment!


At Bug Bakers we specialize in safe organic bed bug treatment because the benefits far outweigh heat treatment. In fact, it works so well we no longer offer heat treatment! With the recent massive increase in fuel costs, organic extermination has become an even more affordable and effective professional bed bug extermination solution, especially since Bug Bakers pioneered the organic treatment process!

Did you know there is no license requirement to do bed bug heat treatment in Ohio?

As a result, there are many unlicensed “Fly by Night” heat treatment companies around that are using cheap, unsafe, ineffective, and damaging equipment to treat homes! At Bug Bakers we use 100 percent effective natural biological treatments which are safe for pets, kids, and the whole family. Biological treatment is much less expensive , faster, more effective, and lasts much longer than heat treatment, and it has much less prep time!

Bug Bakers was also chosen by one of the United States most highly regarded universities to field test their revolutionary biological bed bug treatment and is now one of the most experienced applicators in North America. Biological bed bug treatment is easier to prepare for, longer lasting, less expensive, and completely safe since it is not a chemical pesticide, and is made from a natural biological product found in nature!

Bed Bugs – What Not To Do – Must Watch

You can now avoid the massive preparation and downtime required by chemical or heat treatment knowing you have from 90 days up to one year* of re-infestation protection depending on the biological treatment you choose.

Why would you trust your home and precious possessions to anyone else?

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How to cope with Bed bugs

Bed Bugs – How to truly get rid of them

We all know that bed bugs infest beds, but they also infest most other furniture as well.  After female bed bugs are inseminated they will  leave the colony and travel up the wall to the ceiling or other areas and start infestations there as well. It is estimated that adult bed bugs can travel up to 100 feet per night or about four feet per minute!

Bed bugs get into the smallest cracks or the smallest hole in that mattress, box spring, or sofa crevice and start laying approximately 5-7 eggs daily.  In fact, it is estimated that female bed bugs spend their entire adult life laying eggs. The result is that if left unchecked an infestation of up to 100,000 bed bugs can develop in about six months!

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Bed Bugs – treating a home and inspections

We have seen it all over the years at Bug Bakers. Listen to one of the worst cases we ever saw and even how we were able to fix the problem!

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Bed Bugs – The worst-case ever seen

Bed Bugs can affect all people from all walks of life. We have treated them all from large facilities to small homes and small apartments. If you have a bed bug problem and want relief then call us today! Don’t wait!

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Bed Bugs – A pandemic infestation problem

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