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Bug Bakers is a compassionate company. We always strive to provide the most comprehensive, compassionate, and economical treatment options possible.

Greg (Pozi the Hippy Clown) is the former Director of the famous Aladdin Shrine Clown Unit, which has been bringing smiles and laughter to families in times of need for nearly 70 years!  He has served as Clown Unit Director,  Divan Officer, Hospital Board Member, and now as a Shrine Ambassador. He promotes all 22 Shriners’ Hospitals which provide medical care to children in need at no cost to the families! The services are based solely on the ability to help with a child’s medical issues.  If you know of a child that is in need of medical care please call Greg at 614-745-1281 to get the application process started.

If you have bed bugs and are disabled, living in poverty with children, or a senior citizen, Bug Bakers may be able to assist with your bed bug issues.  Please call us at 614-745-1281 so we can discuss your circumstances and how we may be able to help you.

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