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How did I get bed bugs?

Bed bugs are hitchhikers; they enter through the front door on someone or something that comes into the house.
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I’m not dirty or poor, so how did I get bed bugs?

Despite popular belief, bed bugs are totally indiscriminate. People from all walks of life get bed bugs. While clutter and filth can hide a growing problem, it is not the cause. The real reason for these rumors is social. Bed bug treatment can be expensive. People in poor neighborhoods usually lack the resources to get treatment so the problem is worse as a result.
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Do bed bugs transmit disease?

While bed bugs do carry disease pathogens there has never been a recorded case of transmission to humans. The biggest risk is a secondary infection from the open skin caused by scratching the itchy bites. Use a good anti-itch cream or lotion to ease symptoms.

Can bed bugs travel into my home from a neighbor?

Not on their own. They move around on people and things.

What do I need to do to get ready for treatment?

Bed bug treatment relies heavily on customer preparation. The better prepared you are the better results you can expect. Bug Bakers will provide you with a list of things you will need to do prior to treatment. We will answer any questions you may have as well.
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How much does bed bug treatment cost?

Bed bug treatment cost is determined by several factors including the square footage of the home and the type of treatment requested. Bug Bakers will discuss your options and provide the most efficient and economical solution based on your unique needs.

Every job is different, typical prices for biological are 50% less than heat treatment and lasts for months instead of 1 day.

Will treatment prevent a re-infestation?

Depending on the type of treatment chosen protection can last up to one year. Fortunately, our customers almost never have a reinfestation due to the quality of treatment and education we offer. However, the best prevention is to be aware and not bring a bed bug or other pest home with you. After treatment, Bug Bakers will provide you with information to help keep your home bed bug  free.

Why should I choose Bug Bakers® for bed bug treatment in Central Ohio?

Bug Bakers® is one of the very early pioneers of bed bug treatment. Our reputation for excellence, first in bed bug heat treatment, and now in organic bed bug eradication, exemplary customer service, and continuing education is second to none.

Of the many pest control companies in the Midwest only Bug Bakers® was chosen to be the Training and Vehicle Treatment Specialist for Pest Pro® Thermal, an internationally recognized manufacturer of bed bug heating equipment and accessories.

Bug Bakers was also chosen to develop and perfect the treatment process for organic bed bug treatment as well!  Bug Bakers® has trained local companies including Central Ohio Bug Extermination and Vanish Bed Bug Services as well as others as far away as New York and Philadelphia, Fort Wayne, and even cities in Canada in bed bug heat or organic treatment. Since they do a good job just think what you can expect from Bug Bakers! Additionally, Bug Bakers trains employees of  organizations and treats vehicles from mobility chairs to city buses for private companies, school systems, and social agencies as well.
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