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Bug Bakers® Disinfecting Service

Protect Your Business, Home, and Vehicles From Dangerous Covid-19 and Other Viruses For Up To 30 Days!*

Sanitation Vs. Disinfecting:

What is the difference?
Sanitation just reduces the number of bacteria, germs, and viruses on surfaces and leaves little or no lasting protection. As soon as someone touches that surface it can easily be contaminated again!

Bug Bakers® Electrostatic Disinfecting treatment kills up to 99.9* percent of germs, bacteria, and viruses

insuring the most complete disinfection process possible. Additionally, we provide a protective coating that can provide additional protection for up to thirty days!

Bug Bakers® provides electrostatic disinfecting services to commercial and residential buildings, autos, commercial vehicles, buses and more.


Kills up to 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses!

Protection may last up 30 days with one treatment!

Electrostatic treatment provides complete coverage of surfaces!

Much faster process than regular disinfecting!

Dries in minutes!

Safe for most surfaces!


Normal cleaning does not remove all the germs, bacteria, or viruses. Most spray cleaners only sanitize, removing only some of the contaminates. Also, while using a cloth to sanitize it becomes contaminated with the very things you are trying to remove so the contaminates are spread around from one place to another.

The EPA has a list of disinfectants for use against COVID-19. Although these products haven’t been tested against this specific virus, they’re known to work against other, harder-to-kill viruses. 

EPA List of Disinfectants & COVID-19


Electrostatic disinfection uses a “no touch” method and the disinfectant which will kill up to 99.9 percent of pathogens, is sprayed on surfaces with a special machine so no direct human contact is made with the treated surface. As a result, you are left with the cleanest outcome possible!


Electrostatic disinfection works by magnetic attraction. Think of how as children we played with magnets. When we put them together one way they stuck together; another way, and no matter what you did they repelled each other. Most, if not all things carry a negative electric charge. As the disinfectant passes through the special equipment it creates a positive charge in the disinfectant formula. This causes the formula to be attracted to the negatively charged surfaces and as a result, the disinfectant is attracted to one hundred percent of the sprayed surfaces to first receive a magnetically charged coating of disinfectant, and then our special sealant to provide protection that can last up to 30 days.* It is literally a “no touch” disinfecting.

*Longevity depends on use, wear, and environmental conditions.

We use the best name in disinfecting, CLOROX and other commercial products  available to only professionals and authorized commercial companies. See Our Professional Cleaning Machine using the power of Clorox Professional


Bug Bakers® is not a “cleaning service”.

To prepare for disinfecting routine daily cleaning services should be completed just prior to disinfecting. Disinfecting will take place on all surfaces that would be touched throughout an average day. This includes furniture, walls, desks, doors, doorknobs, certain electronics, and any other items as deemed necessary.


Electrostatic disinfecting requires expensive special equipment, special disinfecting formulas, and experience. As a result, it cannot completed by an untrained individual. Additionally, it provides far superior and longer lasting results than do it yourself products or sanitizing!


Sanitizing only reduces the amount of pathogens and lasts only until a person or contaminated object comes into contact with the treated surface. Electrostatic disinfection covers one hundred percent of the treated surface killing up to 99.9* percent of pathogens. Additionally, our process provides a protective barrier that will protect disinfected areas for up to thirty days.*


Electrostatic disinfection is fast, safe, and highly effective. For example: A large filling station has approximately 50 pumps. An attendant had been sanitizing those pumps twice daily every day working about 2.5 hours per daily sanitizing. His hourly rate is $15.00 per hour plus benefits.

5X$15 =$75.00 per daily cleaning X 30 days = $2250.00

Electrostatic Disinfecting: One bi-weekly treatment (pumps are exposed to the elements) at $500 per treatment

= $1000.00 for a savings of $1250.00 on wages plus additional benefits!


Electrostatic disinfecting is far more effective and delivers much faster turnaround time than traditional sanitizing. As an example, the average 1000 s/f space takes less than an hour to complete since the treatment dries in minutes. The cost would be under $200.00 and provide up to 30 days* of protection instead of paying much more for daily or weekly less efficient sanitizing!

*Actual longevity depends on wear, environmental conditions, cleaning methods, and more. Your results may vary.


Disinfecting services require a conversation. In order to give you the best information available please call Bug Bakers at:  (614) 745-1281

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